KonMari Method™️ Tidying

For those who:

  • prefer whole home decluttering & organization using the KonMari Method™️
  • are ready for a dramatic change in home/life and want to tidy once and for all
  • are willing to tidy by category and in a specific order–clothing, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous), sentimental
  • desire to be surrounded only by items that spark joy, understanding that a large number of items may be discarded/donated
  • are inspired by Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix and/or the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Traditional Decluttering + Organizing

For those who:

  • prefer to declutter and organize a few specific areas in the home
  • need support in establishing systems and routines
  • have a clear plan in mind and need hands on support to get it done
  • need to prepare their space for a transition (moving, downsizing, etc.)
  • want to be able to easily find their keys!

All-Inclusive Packages

Packages Include:

Hours of your sessions that I spend in your home, plus:

  • Vision/Action Plan
  • Instruction in the KonMari Method
  • Shopping for necessary organizational supplies
  • Any hours spent off-site researching for your space
  • Basic labels
  • Text/email access between sessions


Short and Sweet

3 sessions (12 hours)

Ideal for smaller homes/less stuff and those who are willing to do lots of homework between sessions


Nice and Neat

6 sessions (24 hours)

Best for average home and those who want to see a significant change in their home, most popular


Totally Transformed

9 sessions (36 hours)

Great for homes with a high volume of possessions, want to do minimal homework, best value